Re: The Paris Screening (Help, Please)?

From: Jason Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 20:50:02 PDT

Hi Ben--

You might try Cinema le Barbizon. Itıs a 19th century theater thatıs been
squatted for several years by a group called Friends of Tolbiac. Julia
Halperin and I took a touring program there in 2004 and they were very
gracious. Our contact there was a fellow by the name of Edgardo and I think
this email might work to contact him: <projection[at]>.

Their website (if you want more info, their address, etc.) is I know they were fighting the landlord for the right to
continue their work for several years, and the place was always in jeopardy
of shutting down, but I think the government finally granted them the right
to occupy the space (those crazy French--siding with an arts and culture
group over the rightful land owners. Where are their values?).

If that doesn't work, we also know a programmer in Paris (a friend of Ralph
McKay's that Julia knows through correspondence) who may be able to help.
Her name is Fabienne Gautier and her email is <gautier.fabienne[at]>

Best of luck with your show,

Jason Cortlund

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