Re: diary films

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 21:15:03 PDT

I would add Alfred Leslie's wonderful "Lost In The Fire" to the list of
diary films.

Ken B.

Quoting Genevieve Yue <email suppressed>:

> Marie Menken
> Rémi Lange
> Dani Leventhal
> Su Friedrich
> Stephen Dwoskin
> Richard Fung
> Jay Rosenblatt, The Phantom Limb and recent "docu-comedies"
> Martin Bruch, handbikemovie
> Kobayashi Takahiro, Home
> Hollis Frampton, Nostalgia
> Morgan Fisher, Standard Gauge
> Both Yvonne Rainer´s Journey from Berlin/1971 and Gunvor Nelson´s Red
> Shift include readings from diaries.
> Sasaki Yusuki´s Letter, might qualify; it´s dialogic in structure, a
> series of text messages sent back and forth on the 17-year old
> filmmaker's cell phone. There's also Tarnation, of course.
> For theoretical texts I highly recommend the volume on Jonas Mekas,
> "To Free the Cinema," edited by David James.
> best,
> Genevieve
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