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Some relevant-if ancient-history dredged up from my personal archives. In 1978 the Art Gallery of Ontario sponsored a series of screenings, exhibitions, talks, and panels entitled "Autobiography." Some diary films were among the featured works. Your best source of information would be the catalogue for the event entitled "Autobiography: Film/Video/Photography," edited by John Katz. The contents include "The Celluloid Self" by Jay Ruby and "Autobiographical Film" by John Katz. Maybe it is still possible to order a copy from the AGO.

I won't try to list all the films and videos that were shown. Some of them and/or their makers have been mentioned by other Frameworkers, but no one, I believe, has mentioned "David Holzman's Diary" (1967), which is a very convincing faux diary film by Jim McBride. I have no idea who, if anyone, distributes it today.

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Can anyone recommend writings about diary films, especially theoretical writings or ones that discuss different kinds of films which might be considered "diaries," and what the different genres and criteria are? If there's a thread that might be in the Frameworks archive, let me know.
Also film/video makers known for diary work. I've thought of the following:

Michel Auder

Gordon Ball

Robert Huot

George Kuchar

Boris Lehman

Ross McElwee

Jonas Mekas

David Perlov

Anne Robertson

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