Richard Reeves Screening and Artist-talk in Vancouver

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Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 00:30:31 PDT

Linear Dreams - The Animations of Richard Reeves
7:30PM Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Direct or cameraless animation is the process of creating moving images by
working directly onto motion picture film stock by hand. According to Devon
Damonte, "Various graphics are set in motion by using the film material as
a vehicle for a 'moving canvas'. Techniques may include (but aren't limited
to) painting, scratching, adhering thin semi-transparent materials to the
film with tape or glue, ironing to transfer inks from plastic, and various
other strange and obsessive methods not recommended by the manufacturer."

Cineworks is proud to present a retrospective of one of the most
acclaimed practitioners of this style of animation.

Richard Reeves <> produces some
of Canadian cinema's most accomplished animated imagery and he does it all
by hand. Painstakingly drawing, scratching and painting on the celluloid,
he creates a hypnotic barrage of colours, shapes and rhythms. His is
cameraless animation at its best. Think of some of Norman
McLaren's best moments, particularly from Begone Dull Care (1949) or
Blinkity Blank (1955), add an astonishing hand-drawn soundtrack, and you
can start to imagine the experience of watching Reeves's films.

Join us at the Pacific Cinémathèque on **Tuesday May 29th at 7:30 pm** for
a screening of some of Richard's most acclaimed works, as well as a
Cinematic Salon style discussion with this important and approachable
artist. There will also be a screening of the workshop (May 26 & 27) student
films before and after the main feature!

**Linear Dreams - The Animations of Richard Reeves
Tuesday, May 29th
Pacific Cinematheque
1131 Howe Street**

The films are:

1993 / 2 min. / BetasSP
abstract colours and forms to original jazz music
painted directly on to film

**Zig Zag**
1994 / 1 min. / BetaSP
zig zag pictures dance to zig zag sounds
etched directly on to one piece of film.

1994 / 4 min. / BetaSP
(animation by Richard Reeves and Kevin Kurytnik)
created as part of a documentary about Dunvegan Alberta.

**CFMDC trailer**
1999 / 30 sec. / BetaSP
cameraless animation interpreting CFMDC as a trailer for the Canadian
Filmmakers Distribution Centre

**O.I.A.F. Signal Film**
2002 / 30 sec./ BetaSP
cameraless animation film introducing the Ottawa International Animation

**O.I.A.F. Opening Night Performance**
2002 / 3 min. / BetaSP
cameraless animation film with optical sounds performed live at the
National Arts Centre,
Ottawa International Animation Festival

**Linear Dreams**
1997 / 7 min. 35mm : 1.33
images from the minds eye, music from the minds ear
sound and picture drawn on film

**Sea Song**
1999 / 4 min. / 35mm : 1.33
an animated look into the sparkling ocean at night
sound and picture drawn on film

2001 / 2.5 min. / 35mm : 1.33
exploring the one to one relationship between sound and picture as time and
space visual music

**Element of Light**
2004 / 4.5 min. / 35 mm :2.35 SCOPE
inspired by the elements of nature.
sound and picture drawn onto film.

*( Total Running Time = 29min. )*

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