meet MONDOHOMO Tues in ATL

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 20 2007 - 08:46:23 PDT

MondoHomo meet-n-greet Tues night!

If you haven't heard by now, MondoHomo Dirty South is a big outrageous
indie queer music and performance festival happening right here in
Atlanta at the end of June. Want to get involved? Yes, I thought so.

 From volunteers to rabblerousers, we want you to come say hi,
ask lots of questions, and get on board. Please come!!!!!!!

Here are the details for the Meet n Greet:
Manuel's Tavern (at Highland & North)
Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, May 22nd
7 pm - 8 pm
FREE!! (we're not even passing the hat this time!)

Anyone with any sort of interest in MondoHomo is invited to attend!
Feel free to forward this. or

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Salon Cuir's monthly film series "Pink Eye" (presented at Eyedrum
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