Re: "Time-Code" a pre-digital, film industry term

From: Doug (email suppressed)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 08:32:15 PDT

On 5/13/07 11:44 PM, "john porter" <email suppressed> wrote:

>> "Time-Code"? It sounds like an industry term.
    I can assure you "the industry" still uses the word everyday to describe
the unique identifier for every frame of video or film.
    Analog video used to store it on video tape as an audio signal taking up
an audio track which was then read by special decoders. It was a really
ugly squeaky noise.
    Now in video it's a set of meta-data stored digitally with other info
like f-stop, time of day, audio sample rate, Homeland Security Alert Level,

    Film people, do you all still use the phrase? SMPTE is alive and well,


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