Re: Cinema of Exclusion The Real History of UK Artist Film & Video

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 13 2007 - 20:35:52 PDT

"...the degree of eco-unfriendly practices amid
the urgencies of the experimental..."
Wow! Where I come from that can be considered a poem!

On 5/11/07, David <email suppressed> wrote:
> Regardless of the degree of ironic distraction intended or inherent in
> Brown's broadside, or whether all is an outsider's jibe, or elegant summary
> of the politics ... and I do find his use of "effective" is unintentionally
> ambiguous of course, indeed sloppy and journalistic ... , nevertheless the
> metropolitan-centred character of the history of this sector is a truism and
> it would, for instance, be much more interesting to explore the urban cf
> rural bias in this history, or the degree of eco-unfriendly practices amid
> the urgencies of the experimental, the recalcitrant employment of retrograde
> imagery of "others", females, disabled and young sustained through most of
> the brief history, the assertive rejection of human measures of
> appropriateness of representation, the turgid reiteration of denials of
> narrativity as a human need, the sustained strategies of paranoid rejection,
> cooption and qualification among the established / classical arts which
> suppressed the healthy growth in the new sector, among other features of
> this challenged history, and it would be, of course, ungentlemanly to remind
> a reader of David Curtis' charm, sustained championing of minorities among
> the film fraternity, as well as his all too human weaknesses, among which I
> rank his inability to rate one of my masterpieces as no small achievement in
> ineptitude. This last does not deter me from thanking him for his
> passionate and sustained support of others even while I remained beyond the
> pale, perhaps my natural habit and habitat.
> Dr. Woods
> Holcus Ltd
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> Subject: All The Films That Were Never Funded - Cinema of Exclusion The Real
> History of UK Artist Film & Video
> To coincide with the publication of David Curtis's A
> History of Artist Film & Video in Britain, TAF (Thin
> Air Films) will be staging a one-day conference and
> associated screening. The conference will examine the
> trajectory of post war funding for artist experimental
> film & video in the UK and in particular will look at
> Arts Council funding under the direction of David
> Curtis and how through careful stage management funds
> were restricted to a small number of filmmakers and
> denied to many more. Key speakers will examine how
> following the setting up of the London Film makers
> Co-op and London Video Arts, the funding, making and
> distribution of avant-garde films and videos in the UK
> was effectively controlled for a generation by a small
> London based group of men. How this same group
> dominated experimental film & video in the UK for the
> next 40 years both by denying funding and access to
> anyone outside the group (through overt and covert
> censorship) but also through controlling non
> mainstream film education at institutions such as the
> Royal College. The conference will also examine how
> written debate and discourse on experimental film &
> video in publications such as Undercut was restricted
> to the same small group and finally how this group as
> it nears retirement now seeks to enshrine its position
> for posterity by the publication of numerous histories
> of experimental film & video.
> The screening entitled All The Films That Were Never
> Funded will not include seminal works by Peter Gidal,
> Malcolm LeGrice, Guy Sherwin. John Smith or any of the
> other filmmakers whose work has been funded and
> promoted by Curtis but will feature instead a blank
> screen lit by a single bulb in honour of all that
> films that were never funded and all the creativity
> that was suppressed.
> Conference to be held at the North Bank Centre on May
> the 16th 2007.
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