Fwd: Re: EXP24 Call for Films, Performances and More!

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 12:04:24 PDT

Ah! Forgot I'm not a member of the exp24 list anymore!
Added myself back on and have cc'd this message to you

Hope it helps make things clearer.



Note: forwarded message attached.

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attached mail follows:

It's taken a lot of prodding from other people
off-list for me to write this mail.

To clear up the confusion, yes there are 2 different
calls for entries for ladyfest leeds and yes I have
posted a call for entries on behalf of exp24 before.
However I didn't post the new call for entries despite
the way it is signed off (I guess they liked something
about me) ;) Obviously some members of exp24 have
googled for me and signed up to the mailing lists I am

I started a group with some other people, called
Exp24, unfortunately some of them, well especially one
person in paticular, turned out to have a serious
problem with LGBT people, trans people especially, and
after I disagreed with their opinions I was bullied
until it became so severe that I finally left. Some
preety awful stuff was said about me and to me
personally that really messed with my head. I'm
thankfully getting over it now. It's taken a long time

I'm quite enthusiastic that Exp24 are doing an event
for ladyfest as it's a real opportunity to meet and
see a diversity of people. There's all kinds of
different people involved in Ladyfest leeds, it truly
is a wonderful event that is happening. I'm sure all
those letters (LGBT) are involved and many more kinds
of people too.

I'm hoping that it will open some eyes and maybe make
them reconsider some of their views. I mean diversity
is such a beautiful thing, all the different kinds of
people. What kind of garden would it be with only one
kind of flower? All the different kinds of people can
contribute different things.

I honestly think theres good signs already. I didn't
miss that bit on their call for entries. However much
it might be lip service, I can't imagine them
publically writing something like that way back then.
I think they are making tiny progress. Maybe not much
yet but it's like in my friend Ians song "The world is
changed by little things!"

It's hard for people sometimes, the dominant audio
visual media can portray minorities with lots of awful
stereotypes that actually bear little resemblance to
the real life people, but when you so rarely meet
those people then it might be your only experience of
them. Sadly it means you may bring very bad stuff to
the table when you do finally meet those people.

If ladyfest does help Jo et all, to look at things in
a new light then it will have achieved an amazing and
wonderful thing, which to my mind will have been worth
all the effort all on it's own.

I'm sure the two events will be quite different but at
this stage a lot of things are still in flux, leading
to us both having vague descriptions. However I think
it would be correct to suggest that exp24 are doing
more of a film performance and expanded cinema type
thing which will respond to the space whereas the
events I'm doing will probably deal more in sound and
possibly live theatre, in addition to visual music

I wish exp24 every luck with their event. I'm sure it
will be as wonderful as always. :)



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