Response: Re: EXP24 Call for Films, Performances and More!

From: exp 24 (email suppressed)
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 07:08:35 PDT

Having been informed by a respected third party about
the posting by Freya dated 12 March regarding the
EXP24 Ladyfest Call for Entries - despite the time
that has elapsed - we feel the need to compose a

EXP24 is a not-for-profit, experimental filmmaking and
screening collective made up of open-minded
individuals who work with a diverse range of people
based in Leeds (UK) and beyond. We have personal and
group commitments to screen films made by anyone and
everyone, based on film/performance quality alone.

The allegations of bullying are a gross
misrepresentation of the way EXP24 works - first and
foremost we are a supportive group of friends working
together. Diversity of thought within a film group
such as EXP24 is to be encouraged, and differences of
opinion welcomed, so that all views can be represented
and creative and organisational problems solved.

The claims of anti-LGBT (i.e. bigoted and homophobic)
views and behaviour from members of the group and the
collective as a whole are totally unsubstantiated and
potentially libellous. We have supported and will
continue to support filmmakers regardless of
nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, age,
disability or sexuality: these socially constructed
labels have no bearing on our programming choices
(based on merit/quality of work alone) or the people
with whom we choose to work.

We are sorry to have to compose a response such as
this, but we feel that this statement is needed, in
order to protect our integrity from allegations made
not on a personal blog, but on an international public
site dedicated to sharing ideas and expanding
knowledge about experimental film. While these claims
are false, they are potentially damaging to us both as
individuals and as a filmmaking and screening
Thank you to all the members of the Frameworks
community who have sent us inspiring and beautiful
films. Stay in touch!

Jo and Mark

email suppressed

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