Re: Copyright law pertaining to film?

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 10:48:35 PDT

Hiya DJ, you didn't say where you were looking for
copyright law for. Copyright varies from country to
country, however there has been an attempt to
standardise it in the Berne convention:

Variations in copyright law, political upheaval etc
can lead to things like Turkish star wars coming into

More recently people have been actively using their
copyrights in ways that give people more freedom in
how things are used. They do this through liscences
such as Gnu, creative commons and other liscences with
a sort of copy left ethic.

Wikipedia actually has quite a good page on copyright
in general.

Theres not a specific law on film as such. Copyright
in films tends to be a number of copyrights such as
the copyright in the soundtrack, the copyright in the
images, sychctronization right etc. Obviously with a
silent film it is more straightforward but it is still
the same copyright that covers books etc.

Copyright law originates with the statute of Anne here
in England:

Sorry I rushed over it all but I hope it's useful

If not I hope you erm, ...enjoy...??? Turkish Star
Wars. ;)



--- DJ Demangone <email suppressed> wrote:

> can anyone please direct me to any books, essays, or
> journals regarding film
> copyright law. I'm looking for anything specific to
> the law or an
> individual's thoughts on the process/ practice.
> thanks DJ
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