Re: Depth of Field in DV

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 15:04:20 PDT

What Freya said is right.

> Has anyone dealt with this issue? I have a Sony TRV11 DV camera
> that I totally love. Is there a solution?

Strictly speaking, without intervening in the optical path, no;
depth of field - in relation to format here - is a function of the
size of the imagers (actually, the image size itself but that's
determined by the chip(s).

I don't think the P&S mini35, or Movietube that form an image from
35mm format lenses on a ground glass so give the depth of field
associated with that size image, (and are pretty pricey, and I don't
think wd work with your camera -- but I came across this on Abel
Cine's web site:

I never heard of this before but you could contact Abel to find out
more (WAY cheaper than the othr products but who knows, maybe it
could work for you...)

Otherwise all I can suggest is work at the widest aperture possible,
use neutral density filters to facilitate that as Freya and Flick said.

Working at the long end of your zoom lens, although it _won't_
diminish depth of field (no matter what you may have been told) will
flatten and in a sense seem to 'magnify' out of focus elements.


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