Re: 5/9: Magic Lantern presents "The Crowd Show" must be magic

From: ken jacobs (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 08:39:12 PDT

Dear John,

You somehow reached Ken Jacobs (Ben/Ken) which must of course be
devastatingly embarrassing for you but I say think nothing of it.
What I regret is not seeing your work for all these years. I liked
what I saw those many years ago. Please let Flo and me know when
next you plan on descending from the Northland to screen in our
vicinity. Unless you are letting things out without you're being
there, might that be so?

After decades of forcing Nervous System performances on the flicker-
voracious crowd, and earlier gestures in the new area, about 1999 I
began concentrating on The Nervous Magic Lantern, the most
rudimentary of home-made projectors which instead of projecting film
puts out big moving transforming images of unrecognizable things, as
places or atmospheres. In 3-D. The phenomena records to video. If
you'd like I'll send a dvd made with John Zorn out on his Tzadik
label. Address?

Startling to hear from you, Ken
On May 7, 2007, at 5:09 PM, john porter wrote:

> Thanks ben,
> Sounds interesting. I love crowd scenes.
> Are those the projection formats you listed? Your
> piece is listed as both 35mm and video on this Magic
> Lantern page.
> Can the Cable Car Cinema show 35mm?
> John.
> --- ben russell <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Magic Lantern Presents "The Crowd Show"
>> (curated by Paige Sarlin)
>> Wednesday the 9th of May at 9:30pm
>> at the Cable Car Cinema, 204 S Main, Providence, RI
>> Three by Ben Russell (12:00, 35mm, 2007)
> John Porter, Toronto, Canada
> email suppressed
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