The Lightweight Loop-Friendly European Projector.

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 13:36:14 PDT


Greetings as always. After a successful West Coast Tour (with my
Eiki Super Slot-Load in tow - no problems with airplane security,
though if the projector had been 1mm wider it would not have fit in
the overhead bins), I'm headed off to Europe for a sort of ridiculous
7-week tour. I'll be presenting the same program of post-psychedelic/
noise films from Providence, RI, but this time drone musician Joseph
Grimm ( will be riding with me
to do a 25:00 set of collaborative live projection/sound magic
involving film loops, prisms, light-sensitive circuits, and violin
harmonics (?).

I'm in need of a cheapish, portable, medium throw, loop-friendly
projector once I get to Rotterdam environs, and I was wondering what
16mm projectors the collective you would suggest. I'll be using this
for the non-loop part of the program as well... Tips on models and
places to get 'em (as far afield as Barcelona is fine) would be
greatly appreciated. Hokushins? Or?

Thanks in advance,

Ben Russell

PS Although the tour dates have yet to be posted, the program
description is here:

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