Re: The Flicker and the Dream Machine (was: flicker)

From: esperanza collado (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 02 2007 - 04:14:28 PDT

Hey, just wanted to mention that I don´t think the flicker technique
and other optical explorations have dissapeared at all. Last summer I
saw a very interesting performance at the Lincoln Cente by Bruce
McClure called 'They Wakened Later, Simultaneously, Much Refreshed'.
This involved various 35mm and 16mm projectors, a real trip (the title
is quite descriptive). I have seen another performance by Andrew
Lampert too, involving optical-flicker experiments. Not to mention
Paul Sharits, whose works (films and film installations) Adam hasn't
mentioned but he obviously knows of.

Take care.

Esperanza Collado Sánchez
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