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Date: Tue May 01 2007 - 13:20:44 PDT

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 7 (Spring 2007)

Columbus, OH (May 1, 2007) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 7
(Spring 2007) today. The JSF is a quarterly DVD publication of
exceptional, peer-reviewed short films. To date, the JSF has published
70 filmmakers from 8 countries.

Volume 7 opens with a thoughtful and entertaining documentary about
Hurricane Katrina and the impact of religion on the American South.
Several strong narrative films, two of which are Spanish, take us from
medieval France to an abandoned bombing range. Love stories sit next
to revenge stories, with comedies nearby. Several experimental films
and hand-made animations complete the collection.

The Journal is pleased to welcome Chicago-based filmmaker Deborah
Stratman as a guest editor for Volume 8. She is known for her work
through her production company Pythagoras. She was a 2003 Guggenheim
Fellow and was praised for her short work In Order Not To Be Here. She
recently completed Kings of the Sky, a feature documentary about Muslim
Uyghur tightrope walkers in western China.

The Journal continues to have a free and open submissions process.
Submissions should be sent to The JSF, PO Box 8217, Columbus, OH
43201, USA. The Journal also remains ad-free, committed to independent
and underrepresented work, and insistent that art and entertainment are
not mutually exclusive.

Following is a list of the films in Volume 7:

1. GOD PROVIDES – Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky (2006, 8:30)
Shot in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this unexpected short
examines faith and inexplicable loss in the American South. 2. BOMB –
Ian Olds (2006, 13:50) An almost love story set on the edge of an old
Air Force bombing range. 3. HOW SHE SLEPT AT NIGHT – Lilli Carré
(2006, 3:30) A man tries to remember his wife but only comes up with
scant details as his memory starts to stray. 4. CHOQUE (COLLISION) –
Nacho Vigalondo (2005, 10:00) Strong temperaments—and cars—collide in
this chic film from Oscar-nominated director Nacho Vigalondo. 5.
LOLLYGAGGER – Matt Meindl (2006, 5:00) All sidewalks are not created
equal in this experimental travelogue. 6. CRANIUM THEATER – Jason
Sandri (2006, 6:45) A quirky and surrealistic critique on the
excessive demands of Church and State on the common man. 7. AVATAR –
Lluís Quílez (2005, 15:00) Avatar: 1) Chance event that usually
involves a sudden change in the course of something. Change of fortune.
2) Test someone goes through. 8. DISCONNECTED – Karl Lind (2006, 3:00)
  A million tiny hearts break. Somehow, everything is much more one
sided than we would like it to be. 9. CHRISTINE. 1403. – Erica Berg
(2006, 12:45) A magical cry for peace from the midst of the 100 Years'
War, inspired by the words of medieval writer Christine de Pizan.

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