OtherFilm Bazaar

From: joel stern (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 22:33:15 PDT

hi frameworkers,
i wanted to let you know about a new project (coming out of brisbane

'Otherfilm Bazaar is a specialist distributor and online store for
avant-garde and experimental and abstract dvd's and artist dvdr's, film
objects and ephemera, and handmade optical art. wow!'

there's the blurb. i have started this thing partly in response to the
growing number of fantastic dvd's being published looking at great ag and
experimental film artists, and the relative lack of visibility of this stuff
in this part of the world (australia and nz). the other inspiring thing was
the, admittedly short lived, framework dvd exchange list, where i received
some really interestingly presented and exciting work on dvdr with handmade

the handmade dvdr and other domestic formats angle is very interesting to me
as i have come from a more or less analogous scene in experimental music,
where cdrs and home taping were at first derided and dismissed as amatuerish
and insubstantial, but then as the artisanal, handmade, intimate nature (not
to mention the extraordinary quality of particular works) sunk in, a whole
scene started to blossom celebrating the DIY ethics and aesthetic
adventurousness of this stuff.

a very good reference point would be the glasgow distro service volcanic
tongue (http://www.volcanictongue.com/) which has done a great job of
circulating handmade experimental music and arguing persuasively for the
value of the work...

in my dreams, i would hope that OtherFilm Bazaar might evolve a similar role
in supporting handmade moving image and film art.

the other selfish part of the project is that i personally (and my otherfilm
colleagues) want the opportunity to see many more of the great experimental
films that circulate the underground and avant-garde festival scenes in the
USA and europe but generally don't make it to australia. i'm interested in
helping preserve the life of those films beyond the festival jaunt and maybe
encouraging the filmmakers to explore the physical presentation side of
things a bit more with unusual packaging and notes etc etc.....

so, excuse the rant,,,and i'll end with another little blurb (excuse the
slightly patronising celluloid reference, which is a given for most
frameworkers, but is prob necessary when posting to more general AV


In the meantime, Otherfilm Bazaar invites film-artists, labels, and random
freaks from everywhere to make contact if you think your work should be
available on the Bazaar. We are open to any format, professionally
manufactured or one-off handmade. We are especially interested in work that
engages with FILM, you know, that flexible, sprocketed, light transmissive,
emulsion coated stuff...
contact - email suppressed

Go on, visit www.otherfilm.org, click on Otherfilm Bazaar, and start


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