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From: MadCat Women's Film Festival (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 14:08:16 PDT


The MadCat Women's International Film Festival returns to Buffalo. Festival
founder and director Ariella Ben-Dov will present "Fools Tricks," a
selection of works that highlights experiments in avant-garde filmmaking.
The program is co-sponsored by Hallwalls and Squeaky Wheel.
The second program in curator Ariella Ben-Dov's series - "Fools Tricks,"
highlights experiments in avant-garde filmmaking. Optical printing, painting
on film and other tricks of the cinematic trade create a diverse and
intriguing body of work. Set against the background of real and imagined
calamities, Boll Weevil Days re-conceptualizes the disaster narrative. A
fragile paper city and yellowing pictures of rescue workers from the 1930s
creates an elliptical portrayal of intimacy in the face of oblivion.
Blending documentary and conceptual audio Tune-In follows the world of
amateur radio operators. Also see an abstraction of a lunar eclipse, the
inner workings of a monastery's bakery and the recreation of the planets,
among other stories.


Boll Weevil Days Susan Simpson
2005 * 7 min * Color * 16mm * US
Set against the background of real and imagined Southern California
disasters, Simpson's film re-conceptualizes the disaster narrative. The
safety and ease of home gives way to waves of devastation. In the midst of
repeated blows, two figures take turns rescuing and doctoring one another
with extreme care and tenderness. A fragile paper city and yellowing
pictures of rescue workers from the 1930s creates an elliptical portrayal of
intimacy in the face of oblivion.
Eclipse Jeanne Liotta
2005 * 4 min * Color * 16mm * US
Using lush, light-sensitive Kodachrome film, Eclipse is an abstract
documentation of a lunar eclipse. Anticipation and fear grow as the
soundtrack evokes the rumble of unseen fighter jets overhead.

Tune In Esther Johnson
2006 * 14:30 min * Color * DVD * UK
Follow the fascinating world of amateur radio operators, better known as
Radio Hams. Dealing with the politics of space and social communication,
this film blends documentary and abstract audio to reflect a world that
bridges both do-it-yourself and state-of-the-art technologies.
Callisto Courtney Hoskins
2003 * 2:51 min * Color * Silent * 16mm * US
Temperature sensitive liquid crystal paints, a common ingredient in mood
rings, is used to create the outer space feel of Callisto. Hoskins uses an
air blower to create the bubbly molten lava look of this film.
Orbit Kerry Laitala
2006 * 7 min * Color * 16mm * US
Candy-apple light emissions create a series of stimuli that tickle the
retinas-a playful pulsation of mis-registered images made when a lab
accidentally split the film from 16mm to Regular 8. Kodachrome color fields
create tremulous vibrations, which hypnotize with their flickering beauty.

Walk for Walk Amy Lockhart
2005 * 10 min * Color * 16mm * Canada
Enter a surreal, hyper-colorized, ever-changing world where something's just
not right, but, boy, is entertaining. A variety of babies lead us through
the story: Warm Baby, Mister Baby, Rich Baby, and others. Created using more
than 1,000 hand-painted paper cutouts, puppets and backgrounds.
Corpus Christi Anna Lange
2006 * 7 min * B/W * Silent * DVD * the Netherlands
Inspired by a story told by an old nun about a monastery's communion host
bakery and the pig they fattened with the waste and later consumed. This
quasi-documentary collage plays subtly with associations on the theme of
give and take, which eventually approaches the secret of Holy Communion.

Europa Courtney Hoskins
2003 * 7:18 min * Color * 16mm * US
The filmmaker animates dish soap with the grooves of her fingertips and
superimposes super-8 aquarium footage to generate a three-dimensional
underwater futuristic experience.

MadCat seeks provocative and visionary films and videos directed or
co-directed by women. Films can be of any length or genre and produced ANY
year. MadCat is committed to showcasing work that challenges the use of
sound and image and explores notions of visual story telling. All
subjects/topics will be considered. Submission Fee: $10-30 sliding scale.
Pay what you can afford. International entrants disregard the fee. For more
details go to or call 415 436-9523. Preview
Formats: VHS or DVD. Exhibition Formats: 35mm, 16mm, Super8, Beta SP, Mini
DV, VHS, DVD. All entries must include a self addressed stamped envelope for
return of materials. Previews will not be returned without a self addressed
stamped envelope. Deadline: May 21, 2007.

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