Gender Mashup at PINKEYE movies Wed night!

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2007 - 05:23:01 PDT

PinkEye Indie Queer Movie Salon presents "GENDER BLENDER: a sex and
gender mashup” featuring short videos by young queer filmmakers
questioning everything we thought we knew about gender and sexuality!

Featuring Michelle Mahoney’s ‘The Undergrad’, a twisted retelling of
the 1967 Dustin Hoffman movie ‘The Graduate’, with drag kings, a
feminist domina, and the key advice this time? Well, I won’t spoil it
for you. Also featuring Christie White’s exploration of the impact of
cheerleading on a New York dyke couple, Sarah Kennedy’s musings of a
young dyke building her first motorcycle. Plus other gender-blending
films by Oakie Treadwell, Philipe Lonestar, Samara Halperin, Gretchen
Hildebran, and more!

Sponsored by the Atlanta Femme Mafia.

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Salon Cuir presents "Pink Eye", a monthly screening of independent
queer film + video, at Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta.

Salon Cuir's monthly film series "Pink Eye" (presented at Eyedrum
Gallery in Alanta) seeks transgressive, sexy, disturbing, arty, edgy,
perverted or just plain hot! films and videos created by, about, or
aimed at, queers of all varieties.

Please send preview copies of your work to:
Salon Cuir / Pink Eye, 251 Tye Street SE,, Atlanta, GA 30316

email: PinkEyeFlix (at)

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