Re: video camera for rear projection - question

From: flick harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2007 - 22:01:46 PDT

I think it's player's choice on this one. I've rear-projected stuff
theatrically shot in a variety of formats, flash animation (did a
scene where we projected a swastika as a character mimed spray-
painting it on a wall), front-projected, whatever. How you want it
to look is the main criterion.

Obviously, a better camera will make it look better, a betamax home
video camera will make it look like betamax home video, a pixelvision
camera will look like pixelvision - just as if you were front
projecting cinematically.

The material onto which you project is also a factor - you can add
texture etc by choosing textured paper or cloth, colour, whatever. In
Diplomacy, the same show I mentioned above, we had a paper wall that
was meant to be a japanese-style house, we projected onto that.
Looked lovely, lost a little crispness in the image... but it worked
in that case.

I would test out the material and the footage together using a
projector in a dark room - we got the lighting designer, set designer
and me together whenever our imaginations were insufficient.


On 23-Apr-07, at 5:07 PM, Victoria Wolfe wrote:

> on the topic of rear projection, mine pertains to theater performance:
> Is there a certain type of camera that is best for recording
> footage that I will use as rear projection onto a stage?
> I borrowed a very basic at home video camera, figuring that would
> give the right quality to the footage.
> Wondering if anyone has experience with this. Apologies if I missed
> a post in the thread that addressed this
> question.
> thanks, V
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