Chicago Screenings - "Liar Lies: Contemporary Performance for the Camera"

From: BR (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2007 - 08:54:57 PDT


Monday greetings - I missed the screening announcements this week,
but there's a 3-day series in Chicago that shouldn't be missed...
Details are below.


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"Liar Lies: Contemporary Performance for the Camera"
DePaul Art Museum
2350 N. Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, Tel: 773-325-7506
April 24, 25, 26
6-7:30 pm

What is gained and lost when a performance is given for a live
audience versus for the camera? When a performance is abstracted and
quantified in recordable media, how does it affect the creative
process and its reception? How does one draw the line between acting
and non-acting, affectation and earnestness for the camera?

Contemporary performance art ranges from highly personal concerns to
broad social and political issues, from the spontaneous to rigorously
scripted and choreographed pieces. A series of video and film
performances by artists in the United States, Finland, France,
Germany, and the United Kingdom will be followed by informal discussion.

Curated by Chi-Jang Yin, assistant professor of Media Arts of the Art
and Art History Department at DePaul University

NIGHT ONE – 24th, Tuesday @6
Daynightly they re-school you The Bears-Polka (2005), Lucy Baldwyn
and Goat Island, film transferred to video, 9:30 x 2, UK/Chicago
Ellis Island (1982), Meredith Monk, film, 28:00, New York (Video Data
A Heretic's Primer on Love and Exertion: 29 incidents of dual
consequence (work in progress), Danièle Wilmouth, video, 24:00,Chicago
The Invalids (2003), Mary Billyou, 16mm film, 9:15, Chicago
It's Aching Like Birds (2001), Lucy Baldwyn and Goat Island, film
transferred to video, 10:00, UK/Chicago
Michoacan: La Muerta/ El Traidor (2006), S.Gruffat and Ben Russell,
HD, color, 8:00/8:00, Chicago/New York

NIGHT TWO – 25th, (address suppressed)
Chests (2004), Dolores Wilber, video, 1:02, Chicago
Daume (2000), Ben Russell, 16mm, B/W color, 7:00, Chicago
Don't Break the Oath (2005), Josh Mannis, video, 6:00, Chicago
Le lit des amants [The Lovers' Bed] (2004), Elina Saloranta, video,
18:35, Finland
Les mots oubliés [Words Left Behind] (2005), Elina Saloranta, video,
9:20, Finland
L'hotel des vies reproductibles (2000), Pierre-Yves Cruaud, video,
3:10, France
Palindrome (2001), Rebecca Reynolds, video, 11:00, Maryland
(space) (2003), Susan Giles, video, 00:23, Chicago
Songs and No Reason to be Still (2004), Jenny Walters, video, 18:00,
Untitled Affair (2003), Chi Jang Yin, video, 7:00, Chicago/China

NIGHT THREE –26th, (address suppressed)
Empathy (2003), Amie Siegel, 16mm & dvcam to 35mm, 92:00, Chicago/

*The films/videos will not necessarily be screened in this order.
They have been listed alphabetically.

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