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From: Marilyn Brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 07:14:09 PDT

Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker by Stan Brakhage (essays
that appeared as a column - "Time, On Dit" -- in Musicworks magazine
through the 90's); available from McPherson & Co. (
) . . . though probably not what you'd call "an introductory text."

Marilyn Brakhage
Victoria BC

On Tuesday, April 17, 2007, at 04:16 AM, esperanza collado wrote:

> Hi Ingo,
> It is a fascinating subject indeed, but as far as I know there is no
> such generic text regarding the concept of time in Experimental Film
> (if there is, please let me know!). As you know there are plenty
> references, interviews and fragments of texts implying the subject
> though. Michael Snow's Back&Forth and La Region Centrale deal with
> space-time dimension; time becoming a plastic modulating quasi-object.
> You can find plenty comments on this notion in his conversations with
> Bruce Elder (see The Michael Snow Project: The Collected Writings), or
> in Structural Film Anthology by Peter Gidal, in which Snow talks about
> Einstein and Relativity, among others. Warhol's Empire is another
> direct example; have you read any Robert Smithson's writings regarding
> time and film? Ultramoderne, a Cinematic Utopia etc. are all in Robert
> Smithson: The Collected Writings (edited by Jack Flam).
> Douglas David's "Time! Time! Time! The Context of Inmediacy" (in
> Davis, D. and Simmons, A., The New Television: A Public/Private Art,
> Cambridge, MA, London, MIT Press, 1977) is about time in relation to
> cinema (although there is no direct reference to avant-garde, here you
> have the point of view of an artist working with moving-image
> material).
> There is a section titled 'Duration as a Concrete Dimension' in
> Malcolm Le Grice's text 'Material, Materiality, Materialism' regarding
> Structural/Materialist film temporal notion (the text was probably
> included in Experimental Film in the Digital Age, not sure). I don't
> think this idea is innovative in the 60s-70s though; as you know Dziga
> Vertov made great developments on the idea of time as modulating
> matter in film in the 20s (not to mention Maya Deren wrintings).
> I hope this is helpful for you. I could give you more references if
> you need so, and please, if you know any generic text on this subject
> let me know.
> Good luck,
> esperanza Collado.
> On 17/04/07, Ingo Petzke <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Anyone out there with a suggestion for a good introductory text to the
>> concept of time in Experimental Film?
>> Ingo P.
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