Re: Long Film for Ambient Light

From: Jonathan Walley (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 12 2007 - 06:50:38 PDT

Hello Esperanza,

The email address on Anthony's website has worked for me; the phone
number, I think, is his studio number, which also should work. I've
always found Anthony to be very generous with his time and materials,
so if he's not getting back to you I'm sure there's a good reason. I
note on his schedule of events (also on the site) that he has a
screening of his new solid light work Between You & I in Cologne, so he
may be busy preparing for that and therefore unable to get back to you.
I think he's been very busy lately, and traveling a lot.

I thought I remembered hearing or reading about a second screening of
Long Film for Ambient Light, after the original one in the Idea
Warehouse in NYC. But I've just gone back through my materials
(including his October essay, a couple of catalogues, interview notes,
articles, and the recent book from Northwestern U. Press), and I can't
find any reference; maybe I was imagining it. I see from a quick google
search that the piece was "recreated:"

The picture does look pretty close to the original, but I don't know if
McCall had any connection with the recreation.

Good luck with getting in touch with him - and by the way, it doesn't
sound mad to try and "screen" LFfAL. There's a renewed interest in this
kind of highly ephemeral work, and unique strategies of preservation
have to be devised if the work is going to survive. I see that Tony
Conrad's pickled films and Yellow Movies have been re-appearing as well
- they've actually lasted all this time! And, unlike a lot of other
experimental films from that period, they haven't faded to pink! (I
gave a talk on Tony's films here at Denison last week, and it inspired
several of my students to start working on a collaborative cameraless
film, using our classroom as a giant camera obscura - this sort of work
really resonates with a certain type of film/art student, so I wish you
all the best with Long Film...)



Jonathan Walley
Assistant Professor
Cinema Department
Denison University
Granville, Ohio 43203
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On Apr 12, 2007, at 8:53 AM, esperanza collado wrote:

> Hi everyone again, hope you are all well. I am trying to make contact
> with McCall using the email address posted on his website but I am
> getting no response. It might sound a bit mad, but I am trying to get
> Long Film for Ambient Light for Darklight Festival next June, in
> Dublin (Ireland). Do you know if he uses another email address? I
> guess I could also call him, there a phone number on the website too.
> Do you know if the installation has been shown after its first showing?
> Thanks for your help.
> e.
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> Esperanza Collado Sánchez
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