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Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 05:54:14 PDT

Filmmaker in attendance!

This Saturday April 14th at 8 pm, The New Cinema Series will host Marie
Losier at the Detroit Film Center. Marie Losier will be presenting her short
films featuring avant-garde veterans Richard Foreman and George and Mike
Kuchar. Also, look out for special appearances by Guy Maddin’s hands, flying
saucers, alien spaghetti, gun touting cowboys, and tarte à la crème!

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The Ontological Cowboy
2005; 16mm, b&w/color, sound, 16 min
w/ Richard Foreman, Juliana Francis, Tom Ryder Smith and Jay Smith.
“The theater is about sex.” At least according to Richard Foreman, the
father of the Ontological Hysterical Theater. The Ontological Cowboy
documents Foreman’s invocation of the “manifest destiny” of the avant-garde
theater, King Cowboy Rufus strolling down off San Juan Hill with a sigh,
waving his handkerchief. Foreman plays himself, and the cast pantomimes his
preoccupations. If “the cast and crew suffer alike,” it’s all for a good
cause: the violent rebirth of the American theater, with Foreman as its

Flying Saucey!
2006; 16mm, color, sound, 11min
A giant pot is ascending from the sky. Twenty winsome damsels are landing on
planet earth, coming out of the pot filled with 280 pounds of spaguetti. A
battle for sauce and survival ensues.

Eat My Makeup!
2005; 16mm-video, color, sound, 6 min
w/ George Kuchar, Marie Losier, Jason Livingston, Paul Shepard
Five winsome damsels picnic on the roof of a warehouse in charming Long
Island City, a forest of skyscrapers gleaming across the river. But when a
swarm of flies interrupts their feast of chocolate-covered pretzels and
cream-pies, the young ladies run amok.

Electrocute Your Stars
2004, 16mm, color, sound, 8 min
“You always have to be careful, you always have to have the shower backward
in order to see the water, which means you better watch out, or you might
electrify or electrocute your stars. You know what I mean, by having the
light falling into the tub" -GK
This is a dream-portrait of George Kuchar, traveling through snow confetti,
strobe flashes and artificial wind as he describes his weather diaries. And
then George joins Janet Leigh in the shower. Wearing a red raincoat and a
shower cap, reading comic books and blowing bubbles, he laughingly describes
his bathing rituals and the making of his film, Hold Me While I’m Naked.

Bird, Bath and Beyond
2003; film, color/b&w, sound, 13 min
“ I don’t put myself into my movies because that would be too much - my
pictures reflect my own feelings. So hopefully it’s entertaining. Otherwise
I can’t bear looking at them, ha ha!” –MK
In this dream-portrait of Mike Kuchar, he floats through his memories as the
sea, space and sky drift past. Wrapped in odd costumes, he frolics with the
imaginary creatures surrounding him, and recalls the creatures of his own

Lunch Break on the Xerox Machine
2003; 16mm, b&w, sound, 3 min

For 3 months, every day at 1pm I would hide in the copy room at work and lay
my face on the xerox machine. The result: an animation of my face eating my
fist. -ML

The Touch Retouched
2002; video, color, 5 min
“Do you have any photos of your wife in the nude”
“Oh, I’m sorry, David to disappoint you. You will have to content yourself
with my orchid”
In 1971, Ingmar Bergman made his only American film, The Touch, starring
ensemble regulars Max Von Syndow and Bibi Anderson, along with early 70s
everyman Elliott Gould. In 2001, Marie Losier decided to recast herself in
Gould’s role, breathing new life into Bergman’s most awkward, ill-conceived
and dubious filmic endeavor.

Manuelle Labor, Marie Losier and Guy Maddin
16mm, super 8, Video, color, silent, 10 min.

Film Collaboration Marie Losier and Guy Maddin, 2007.

Cast: Guy Maddin’s hands, Juliana Francis, Marie Losier, Sebastien Sanz de
Santamaria, ... ?I have been making film portraits of my favorite artists
for a while now and Guy Maddin was on the top of the list, but he told me he
would rather die than having his face I opted for his hands! Two
years later I received an unexpected package with a super 8... “do what you
want with it Marie, they are yours. I hope that hand stuff turns out okay
when it comes back from your lab. A million apologies for taking two years
to get this to you. It took five minutes to do!”. My dream came true, so I
decided to make a short film around the story of these fabulous hands and
that is how I came with the idea of giving birth to them... ?

Some collection film surprises:
A Trip Through The Books Home
Honeymoon Hotel
two 16mm films from the 50's

Marie Losier, born in France in 1972, is a filmmaker and curator working in
New York City. She has shown her films and videos at museums, galleries,
biennial and festivals, including this year for the 2006 Whitney Biennial
with her on Richard Foreman, The Ontological Cowboy and at MOMA with
Electrocute Your Stars.

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