Festival Next Friday (Ithaca, NY)

From: Michael Belcher (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Apr 07 2007 - 14:39:13 PDT

Hi everyone.

The Siren International Film Odyssey is a free festival taking place in
Ithaca, NY on Friday April 13th, 2007 at 7pm.

The festival includes free refreshments, live music, and short films from
around the world.

Check out the finalized program below or on the website.

Hope to see you Friday.

::Doors Open - Band Plays::


“Energie!” 5 min HD
Berlin, Germany
Dir. Thorsten Fleisch
Prod. Thorsten Fleisch

“Film For the Boxed” 12 min HD
Brisbane, Australia
Dir. Bryn Chainey
Producer. Kathleen Barker

"The Curling Stones" 5 min HD
Director: Pascal Franchot
Artist: Jason Young

“Rose Colored” 3:38 miniDV
Ithaca, NY
Dir. Justin Talbott
Prod. Justin Talbott

“Valery’s Ankle” 33 min 16mm
Montreal, Canada
Dir. Brett Kshmere
Prod. Brett Kshmere

“Iceland” 4:19 Super 8
Dir. Fabienne Gautier
Prod. Fabienne Gautier

"Hide and Seek"

“Taps” 18:45 Super16mm
Ithaca, NY
Dir. Vincent Versace
Producer: Mike Sanders, George Cuddy, Nogen Melamed, Vincent Versace

“Hymn of Reckoning” 6:30 miniDV
Chicago, USA
Dir. Kent Lambent
Prod. Kent Lambent

“The Touch” 2:58 16mm
Dir. Vanessa Woods
Prod. Vanessa Woods


“Snail Tails” 2:12 miniDV
Norwich, CT
Dir. Kristian Boeker
Prod. Kristian Boeker

"She used to see him most weekends” 4 min miniDV
Northampton MA
Dir. Penny Lane
Prod. Penny Lane

“Abortion Wars: The South Dakota Front” 15 min miniDV
Ithaca, NY
Dir/Prod. Carolyn Wiley, Sam Appell, Anthony Bascotti. Ran Chen, Kim Pitkin,
Colleen McCalister, Sara Gerstenblatt

“Purged” 4:02 miniDV
Brisbane, Australia
Dir. James Lee
Prod. James Lee

"Shades of Braun" 2:57 16mm
Milwaukee WI
Dir. Robyn Braun
Prod. Robyn Braun

"Dead People” 18:34 16mm
Dir. Roger Deutsch
Prod. Roger Deutsch


"Her Heart is washed in water and then weighed" 12:45 Super8 & 16mm
Iowa City, Iowa
Dir. Sasha Waters
Prod. Sasha Waters

::Award Ceremony::

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