Kill Your Timid Notion- one week to go

From: Barry Esson (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2007 - 06:55:29 PDT

Afternoon all:

Just a wee reminder that KYTN (our festival of experimental film/ music/
art) kicks off next Thursday with a special five and a half hour performance
from the CUBE, the opening of 2 great sound/ light installations and a few
free drinks for those who want to come along.

Iąve copied the full programme of the festival below. Check out our website
( for full details and loads of text, sound, video, images
to whet your appetite.

Hope some of you can make it.

Good times: B

Barry Esson

Kill Your Timid Notion
12-15th April
DCA, Dundee, Scotland

KYTN is a festival of sound and image, exploring as many different ways in
which artists, filmmakers and musicians can investigate the border between
what you hear and what you see. And in particular, it looks at the margins,
at the leading edge of creativity where people test out and cross the
boundaries of what has been done before, and define them anew for
themselves: after all, doesnąt the notion of a boundary presuppose something
beyond it; isnąt transgression exciting?

12th April
(Etienne Caire, Gaelle Rouard, Christophe Cardoen, Christophe Auger, Xavier
Querel, Jerome Noetinger, Lionel Marchetti)

13th April
WILLIAM RABAN: Wave Formations
PAUL SHARITS: shutter interface - screening

14th April
WILLIAM RABAN: Surface Tension

15th April
GREG POPE & NORBERT MOSLANG (with Christophe Cardoen, Christophe Auger,
Xavier Querel)
AVVA: Billy Roisz and Toshi Nakamura
LEVOX (eriKm, Etienne Caire, Gaelle Rouard)

ARTIFICIEL: Beyond 6281
BARRY WEISBLAT: Chord of the Fifth Force

Get enlightened (or confused) about work at the festival with a series of
talks hosted by the Wire, including Ken Hollings, Ken Jacobs, Brian Morton,
Edwin Carels and Brian Dillon

Curated by Zoë Irvine, and involving presentations from Edwin Carels, Prof.
Heike Sperling, Eric La Casa, Simon Fildes, John Harris and Zoë herself.

eight programmes of light as music, film as sound from artists including:

Saturday 14 ­ Cinema 1
13:00 Film Programme 1: In & Out
I am Going, Józef Robakowski, Poland, 1973
Daybreak Express, D A Pennebaker, USA, 1953
Block, Emily Richardson, UK, 2005
La-Lu, Józef Robakowski, Poland, 1985
Views from Home, Guy Sherwin, UK, 1987-2005
Radar, Volker Schreiner, Germany, 2006
Pioneer, James Beckett, The Netherlands, 2003
Counter, Volker Schreiner, Germany, 2004
Roomtone #1, Mark Slankard, USA, 2003
14:20 Film Programme 2: Humans
Britton, South Dakota, Vanessa Renwick, USA, 2004
The Coming Race, Ben Rivers, UK, 2007
The Girl Chewing Gum, John Smith, UK, 1976
The Market, Józef Robakowski, Poland, 1970
Capitalism: Child Labor, Ken Jacobs, USA, 2007
Black and White Trypps Number Three, Ben Russell, USA, 2007
15:45: Hope & Prey, Vanessa Renwick, USA, 2005, 23 mins

16:30 Film Programme 3: Earth
Brilliant Noise, Semiconductor, UK, 2006
Le Petit Mort, Damir Cucic, Croatia, 2007
Rust to Dust, Ian Helliwell, UK, 2006
Pulse, Pink Twins, Finland, 2006
U, Vesa Puhakka, Finland, 2003
Acoustic Apple, Józef Robakowski, Poland, 1994
What the Water Said no. 4-6, David Gatten, USA, 2006
You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Michael Robinson, USA, 2006
Skull and Blackberries, Eric Ostrowki, USA, 2006
Sunday 15 ­ Cinema 1
13:00 Film Programme 4: Beyond Image
a1b2c3, Norbert Pfaffenbichler & Lotte Schreiber, Austria, 2006
Matrix III, John Whitney, USA, 1972
Lines Horizontal, Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambart, Canada, 1962
Beyond Image, The Sensual Laboratory, UK, 1969
Kyldex Projections, Nicolas Schoffer, Hungary, 1973
FBCK/AV - Red Flag, Bas van Koolwijk, The Netherlands, 2005
Hello Again, Michaela Grill, Austria, 2006
Attention: Light, Józef Robakowski & Wieslaw Michalak, Poland, 2004
14:20 Film Programme 5: Word
Money, Emma Hart, UK, 2006
Oscillation, Simo Rouhiainen, Finland, 2006
Gertrude Stein Film, William Moritz, USA, 1969
Poemfield No 2, Stan Vanderbeek, USA, 1966
Secondary Currents, Peter Rose, USA, 1982
Word Movie, Paul Sharits, USA, 1966
Mile End Purgatorio, Guy Sherwin, UK, 1991
Associations, John Smith, UK, 1975
Newsprint, Guy Sherwin, UK, 1972
15:40 Lost Sound, Graeme Miller & John Smith, UK, 2001, 28 mins

16:30 Film Programme 6: Contrast
Tile 11 of 16: space łtrial and error in urban development˛, Mike Shiflet,
Lori Felker, USA, 2005
Ersaztitel, Jens Rudolph, Germany, 2005
ORDER-RE-ORDER, Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt, Austria, 2006
void.seqz 3, n:ja & Dariusz Kowalski, Austria, 2005
Moment Musical, Bruce Checefsky, UK, 2006
modal.patterns_txt/anagram 0.02, Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, Switzerland, 2006
The Eye and the Ear, Franciska & Stefan Themerson, UK,1944-45
Test 1, Józef Robakowski, Poland, 1971
Cycles 3, Guy Sherwin, UK, 1972/2003

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