Re: 45th Ann Arbor Film Festival

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Apr 01 2007 - 23:51:37 PDT

Quoting 40 Frames <email suppressed>:

>> First, and foremost, the Ann Arbor Film Festival DOES accept 16mm film
>> for prescreening purposes. This year, two, out of over 2,000 entries,
>> chose that option.
> Ken,
> Does AAFF pay for shipping both ways for those who submit work on 16mm
> for pre-screening purposes?

No. I wish we could. But, in the real world of US non-profit arts orgs,
I doubt many could afford it. Aren't most of us just squeaking by,
financially? Does even a well-financed festival like Sundance pay that
for previews? We also request pre-paid return postage if the entrant
wants their DVD or tape back, but most don't ask to have them returned.
>> In the days when we would ONLY accept 16mm for prescreening, it was not
>> uncommon for film makers to plead with us to
>> accept a VHS screener, so providing a 16mm print is not always
>> preferable, or convenient, for the film maker.
> There could be any number of reasons for this request by filmmakers (print
> not currently available, bad experience with pre-screening and damage in
> the past, AAFF is not covering shipping and it costs more than shipping
> VHS, etc.). I'm curious if it is known what the percentage was of people
> making the request to pre-screen VHS vs 16mm?
I couldn't give you a percentage from those days, as I didn't field
those phone calls. I'm sure there are many reasons they wanted to send
tapes instead of prints. For one, they might not want their print tied
up for weeks, and might want to send it somewhere else too. Back in the
day, we did our best to accommodate that.
>> I would prefer to look at all films on film, for prescreening purposes.
>> But, that doesn't seem yo be possible any longer. I have come to accept
>> the DVD, not prefer it.
> I was attempting to point out the impact of running prints less often...
> and what this does in terms of projectionist practice and familiarity and
> what it does to the projection equipment (left to sit around for long
> stretches).
> -Alain

Your point is well taken with our office equipment. But, during the
festival itself, all projection is done in the Michigan Theater, by
their professional staff, and with their equipment.

Ken B.
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