FYI: new doc'y media listserv

From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 31 2007 - 13:39:11 PDT

This might interest some Frameworkers: the conferences have often
included and discussed experimental work, past and present.

Announcing a new Visible Evidence Listserv

The Visible Evidence community is happy to announce the birth of a new
mailing list and archive. The Visible Evidence Listserv is unmoderated
and aims to continue to grow the community by providing a forum on
documentary images, sounds, and situations in film, television, on the
internet, in journals, in museums, in galleries, and on billboards (to
name just a few). The goals of the Listserv are:

1. To provide a space of discussion for conference matters, including
basic pragmatic concerns (travel, accommodation, and language queries,
for example), format issues, conference size, and degrees of
2. To expand and maintain contact for the Visible Evidence community by
providing a space for discussion of a range of historical, critical,
theoretical, and pedagogical issues.
3. To offer a space for announcements and questions concerning
publications, distributions, festivals, retrospectives, installations,
4. To make available a centralized, archived, searchable database that
will serve as a resource for everyone, including those with interests
in documentary but who choose not to be regular subscribers to the

To subscribe to the Listserv:
 Email (address suppressed) In the subject line, type
“subscribe VE list.”
A confirmation message with instructions on how to post messages to and
navigate the archives will be sent.

Basic functions once you’ve subscribed to the Visible Evidence Listserv:
 To post to the list, email visibleevidence-
(address suppressed)
 To view the archives, go to

If you have any questions please contact:
 Joshua Malitsky, Assistant Professor, Department of
Communication and Culture, Indiana University: email suppressed
 Travis Vogan, Doctoral Student, Department of Communication
and Culture, Indiana University: email suppressed

The Visible Evidence community is a collection of scholars, artists,
producers, and curators who engage in debates on contemporary
documentary practice and non-fiction media culture. Visible Evidence
began as a conference and was first held at Duke University in 1993.
Subsequent editions have been held at the University of Southern
California, Harvard, Northwestern, San Francisco State, University of
Wales (Cardiff), with most recent editions taking place in Utrecht
(2000), Brisbane (2001), Marseilles (2002), Bristol (December 2003),
Montreal (2005), and Sao Paulo (2006). Upcoming locations are Bochum,
Germany (2007), Lincoln University, England (2008) and the University
of Southern California (2009). The conference is a peripatetic
international and interdisciplinary conference on the role of film,
video and other media as witness and voice of social reality, which
encompasses a wide range of cultural, political, social, historical,
ethnographic and pedagogical questions and perspectives from fields
such as film studies, communication studies, anthropology,
architecture, art history, ethnic studies, queer studies, history,
journalism, law, medicine, political science, sociology, urban studies
and women's studies.

In addition to the conference, there is an associated series of books
published by University of Minnesota Press:
The series offers a forum for the in-depth consideration of the
representation of the real, with books that engage issues bearing upon
questions of cultural and historical representation, and that forward
the work of challenging prevailing notions of the "documentary
tradition" and of nonfiction culture more generally.

The 2007 Visible Evidence Conference is now scheduled for December 18 to
22, 2007 in Bochum, Germany. The deadline for panel proposals is May 15,
the deadline for paper proposals June 15. The programme will be
announced at
the end of June. The conference website is http://www.visible-

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.