Re: 45th Ann Arbor Film Festival

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 18:30:15 PDT

> I thought this was about prescreeners, it's drop in quality vs tying
> up a print & more projections than necessary.

I was talking about pre-screeners, though it's no surprise comments
shifted toward the use of DVD for exhibition.

I merely wanted to point out the necessary convenience of DVD for
pre-screening purposes as part of an on-going shift away from film culture
and the need/desire to make distinctions about format.

I find pre-screeners frustrating as they have helped to create a situation
in which writers see attending a press screening as un-necessary given DVD
copies, or worse, made the writers feel the screening is inconvenient if a
DVD copy is not available. This has been my experience locally.


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