filmmaker Gwen Brown

From: will swofford (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 09:46:06 PDT

Dear Frameworks,

   We are currently researching the work of filmmaker Gwen Brown, who
produced a documentary on work of The Living Theatre 1967-1968. Our
contacts with the Living Theatre have been unable to locate Ms. Brown
and have not heard from her since 1971.

We would be grateful to receive any information about her life, about
her film, Emergency, or any personal reflections. I am under the
impression that she attended NYU graduate school in the late 60's to
early 70's.

will swofford
 saturnalia media rites of the drwamweapon

EMERGENCY (29 mins.) Film by Gwen Brown, photographed by Albert
Maysles, Alan Raymond and Frank Simon. Edited by Dan Halas.

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