happy accidents

From: jeanne liotta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 00:23:30 PDT

Hey just checked in to this FW thread and want to add Jenny Perlin to
the list since I just saw one of her works today--her text and
drawing based films are shot on her broken Bolex so its all
percussive unpredictable mis-registration, very nice...

Also I was considering that pretty much all my films are
mistakes/happy accidents. (though sometimes there is also
unhappiness) Making experiments almost always leads to unforseen
results in my experience, now something I count on. Especially with
chemistry. Once I forgot to change the bleach and the whole film
looked completely black, and I cried . But then I projected it and it
was just nearly all black not completely all black, and since the
subject was my friend on his deathbed it was more (and less) than I
could have imagined. And another time I backed into the light switch
by mistake and accomplished unwitting solarization, right on the
seciton of film shot in Edisons chemistry lab! Yay. (etc etc. )
Anyway its the part I can't control that I love the most.
Fail better,
x J.

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