Re: Happy accidents

From: Brett Kashmere (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 09:21:49 PDT

I think most essay-films/videos, such as ICI ET AILLEURS, LETTER TO JANE, TOKYO-GA, SANS-SOLEIL, A SPY IN THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT, etc, would fall into the category of happy accidents. Because they're so process-oriented and avoid any preconceived plan, their finished form is just one of several possible versions of the same concept.

One recent documentary that comes to mind is CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, although it's hard to classify as a "happy" accident. The filmmaker thought he was making a doc about New York City party clowns...

Brett Kashmere
Syracuse NY


Jonathan Kahana <email suppressed> wrote: Vera,

what happens in the creative process when we set out with one particular plan, but then circumstances force us to adapt or radically change our projects... instead of giving up.

I think Godard, Mieville, and Gorin's ICI ET AILLEURS fits the bill: it's about the Dziga-Vertov Group's failure to complete a film in support of the PFLP, and how one situation keeps reminding you of another.

And along the FAR FROM POLAND lines (aborting the planned film before it starts, making a film about "here" rather than "there"), Peck's LUMUMBA: DEATH OF A PROPHET.

And on a different scale of accidental production: the Zapruder film. Who *plans* to make a home movie of an assassination?

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