Re: Happy accidents

From: Jonathan Kahana (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 21:15:21 PDT


> what happens in the creative process when we set out with one
> particular plan, but then circumstances force us to adapt or
> radically change our projects... instead of giving up.

I think Godard, Mieville, and Gorin's ICI ET AILLEURS fits the bill:
it's about the Dziga-Vertov Group's failure to complete a film in
support of the PFLP, and how one situation keeps reminding you of

And along the FAR FROM POLAND lines (aborting the planned film before
it starts, making a film about "here" rather than "there"), Peck's

And on a different scale of accidental production: the Zapruder film.
Who *plans* to make a home movie of an assassination?

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