happy accidents

From: Meg Jamieson (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 20:22:15 PDT


You would have to do a little picking about, but I Was Interrupted has
some really good Plan B moments of Nicholas Ray, and there are moments
of Lighting Over Water in which it's evident that Wenders and Ray are
not necessarily making the same film

What about William Greaves' Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take 1? There, the
re-direct is at the core of the film. Too straightforward?

There are a few moments from Johanne Van Der Keuken's writings in which
he talks about following the film. I don't know how explicitly you can
see it in his films; they are so graceful.

And then there is the strange, strange case of the young anti-religious
documentary filmmaker who went to Topeka, Kansas to make a film about
the Westboro "Baptist Church", the group founded by Fred Phelps and
continued by his family, which group regularly disrupts funerals with
hate speech (anti-gay, anti-government, anti-abortion). The filmmaker,
while making his film, had a conversion and became the filmmaker for
the group, and his work is now featured on the website (I won't link) .
  His film, which used to be on the website as well but has been
removed, chronicles that conversion, but wow, is that a basket of
questionable apples. One of my students is working with him.


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