Re: Happy accidents

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 25 2007 - 04:28:45 PDT

Yes Scotch Tape by Jack Smith (named for the tape stuck in the gate)
was the first that came to my mind.
This Side of Paradise by Jonas Mekas (he realized the Bolex was
malfunctioning but used the effect to his advantage)

My friend Denis Chevalier came across a video made by a woman who
didn't know how to work her video camera; she thought it was running
when it was on standby and vice versa. It consists of her walking and
contemplating her next shot and asking people to pose, but we never
see what she meant to take. Denis thought this was brilliant and
published her video as a readymade; she never understood what he
found interesting about it.

Pip Chodorov

At 16:55 -0700 24/03/07, Vera Brunner-Sung wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm looking for films or videos that would qualify as "plan b"s:
>created out of an original project's unintended circumstances or
>mistakes. Right now I have "Sherman's March," "Far From Poland," and
>"Lost in La Mancha" on the list, but I'm interested in more
>experimental works. Lab mistakes, exposure problems, glitches or
>performances gone awry... Any suggestions? It's for a class I'm
>Thank you!

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