Re: traveling with projectors

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 22 2007 - 07:15:45 PDT

Will most 16mm projectors even "fit" as carryons? It's my impression
that they are too large. Certainly the standard Eiki and Elmo models are
too large, no? And if the airline decides they are too large, you're out
of luck, they will insist on checking them, and you won't have a
protective box. Also, when taking multiple flights, you might find that
a bag that will fit on standard size planes suddenly has to be checked
when you transfer to a smaller aircraft.

I had a box made for me by Ballard Brothers Electronics in Montgomery,
Alabama, which I have been using to overhaul Eikis on the recommendation
of Jeff Kreines. It's a large heavy cardboard box filled with a generous
layer of foam custom cut to surround a projector. Shipping them back and
forth via FedEx ground has worked so far. Most reasonably "handy" people
could construct such a box for themselves.

I agree about never checking film prints, though leave extra time as
carrying film prints in luggage will often result in a manual
inspection. You should never check anything in airline luggage that you
are not prepared to lose. Always have a replacement plan, too, for
anything that you check. So for example when traveling I bring not only
my laptop in my carryon pack but the cords needed to operate it.

Fred Camper

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