Re: traveling with projectors

From: Martin Blazicek (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 22 2007 - 06:17:06 PDT

I'm just going to build a special box for this purpose, based on model I
have seen for Laser Beamer transportation. You can ask some company to
build the box. It is filled with some kind of soft rubber materials in
slices, to eliminate all possible dammage, but the box costs some like
400-500 USD for 10kg, 50x50. My projectors are a bit heavier, so I have
more problems with dammage from inside, than from outside. I have a
friend in Muenchen philharmony, and she says, that even the special case
built to transport 1mEUR instruments produces always some adammages. If
you find some nice solution, please keep me informed.


k. a.r. wrote:
> yeah, take the projector carry on, for sure. also if you are taking
> film with you, DOnt check it!!! take that carry on also. (assuming you
> are also taking what you are going to project)
> (but maybe you want to get a luggage cart or some set of wheels to help
> you out.)
> one thing I notice when I move a projector around, when I get to where
> I'm going, and I turn it on, the bulb almost always blows. So when I
> travel with a projector,
> I take the bulb out, wrap it up and put it somewhere in my other carry
> on stuff.
> also take at least one or more spare bulbs.
> expect that the security people are going to scrutinize you more because
> they probably have never seen a film projector before. I had an
> experience at Heathrow in London. they were really scared of a super 8
> projector that I had because they didnt know what it was, they just saw
> a black box that when it was xrayed it was a bunch of electronics. they
> had me pulled aside and were all freaked out, until I told them it was
> film projector, I saw their collective sigh of relief......
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