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From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 14:48:56 PDT


Nobody has responded to this, but I have to say I agree that it's an
incredibly powerful movie - I actually had a student write a thesis
on it, and he supplied me with numerous other Andersson films to
watch... all, if memory recalls, are equally evocative.


> Now I have discovered that someone has made a film
> that depicts exactly this. It is caled "World of
> glory" (or the truck film, as I've been calling it)
> and is by Roy Andersson, the director of songs from
> the second floor.
> The opening shot of the film depicts naked people
> being loaded onto a meat truck while people in suits
> stand around and watch passively. The doors are shut
> the truck starts up and the exhaust is connected to a
> hole in the back of the truck and you hear the muffled
> banging and screaming of the people inside. You watch
> as the truck drives around in the distance. During
> this scene, every so often, one of the men in the
> suits turns around and stares directly into the
> camera, as if to say what do you think of this? This
> character is the hero of our film if there is such a
> thing.
> The rest of the film we just see this man and his life
> and the world they have created. Various scenes from
> his life.
> There is a fault on the dvd such that if you play all
> the films on the disc the subtitles stop functioning.
> For this reason the first time I saw this film I saw
> it without subtitles, but I still knew exactly what
> the fellow was saying in the final scene and what he
> is thinking "is it in my head or is it real?".
> By the time the film has started it is already too
> late for our character in this film. Theres no action
> he can take anywhere in the film that will make things
> okay. He is powerless and it is already too late. How
> did he get in this situation? Did he have the chance
> to change things before we meet him at the beggining
> of the film? We do not know.
> What we do know is that we don't want to live in the
> world he inhabits.
> There are many different kinds of people in the world,
> just like there are many flowers and plants in a
> beautiful garden. We wouldn't want to have only one
> kind of flower. Diversity is a beautiful thing, and
> all the different kinds of people have different
> things to offer.
> I guess we have to act in our life now, before we find
> ourselves standing around a truck as naked people are
> loaded in.
> There is another review of the film here:
> It's available on the European version of the cinema
> 16 series!
> It's an amazing film, truly one of the greatest films
> ever made. If I had one criticism of it, it would be
> that the characters in this film do not appear to be
> beautiful or glamouress. For this reason my favourite
> film of all time is still Freaks by Todd Browning, but
> this film came close. Sometimes the monsters are not
> who you expect them to be sometimes they are beautiful
> and charismatic.
> However as a warning for our future it is an excellent
> film.
> Please check it out.
> love
> Freya
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