ACLU to go to court over Ann Arbor

From: Bernard Roddy (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 14:24:16 PDT

NPR radio just broadcast an announcement that the ACLU is going to court to fight the state of Michigan's decision to cut funding for the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
  The show included remarks from several people. The only artist who spoke denied that her film really does include sexually explicit material. She was a sweet-spoken filmmaker who said one of her voices used to play Rocky or Bullwinkel for the animated television show.
  The guy who wrote the article that drew attention to the festival said that his essay calling for cutting all arts funding was actually in the interest of the artists. I would be interested in how this sounds to people on this list.
  There was also someone who said the state's decision was not censorship . . that you can still make and show what you like but not with our tax money. The radio program did mention in this connection the state-sponsored bills to support private business. (We need some facts on the impact this has had on commercial pornography in Michigan.)
  A spokesperson for the ACLU said what amounts to cliche ideas about the importance of freedom of expression, nothing more detailed.
  The announcer of the report mentioned several cases which provide precedents for winning the case in favor of the festival.

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