3/23-4/3: The West Coast Film Tour(s).

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 13:00:11 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

Now that Spring has sort of arrived, I'll be trading Chicago for two
weeks of film-touring on the West Coast, and hopefully some of you
can make it to the screenings (and/or let yr best friends know about
it). I'll be travelling from Vancouver to Venice Beach with TWO
different programs of experimental 16mm films between 3/23-4/3 -
there's a mix of my own work amongst a grip of films by artists from
Providence, RI. The details are below...

Yours in Cinema,

Ben Russell

* * *

Garbed in the finest of linens (cotton) and bathed in radiant green
flickering light (fluorescent), itinerant filmmaker and programmer
Ben Russell steps forward to reveal his own Mad Visions of Our
Collective Existence. Steeped in American folklore, psychiatric
techniques of the early 20th century, chaos theory, mask rituals, and
techniques of synaesthesia, these five 16mm films propose an
alternate mythos for the world in which we reside. Ben has brought
with him Creation Myths and First Contact Myths, Giant Stone Head
Myths and Eternally Bloody Cowboy Myths, as well as what may very
well be the only 16mm structural Western ever made...

FEATURING: Black and White Trypps Number One (6:30, 16mm, silent,
2005), Daumë (7:00, 16mm, 2000), Terra Incognita (10:00, 16mm, 2002),
Black and White Trypps Number Two (8:30, 16mm, silent, 2006), The
Twenty-One Lives of Billy the Kid (55:00, 16mm, 2005)
TRT 87:00

3/24: Cineworks - Vancouver, British Colombia (www.cineworks.ca)
3/27: 40 Frames – Portland, Oregon (www.40frames.org)*
4/01: LA Filmforum – Los Angeles, California (www.lafilmforum.org)
4/03: 7 Dudley – Venice, California (www.81x.com/7dudley/cinema)

*amended program: Trypps #1, Terra Incognita, 21 Lives

* * *
Run a female artists’ collective, brew your own absinthe, attend an
anti-gentrification community board meeting, wheatpaste signs
protesting the war(s), and then lose yourself in what may very well
be the Last Refuge for the Senses. A new breed of noise/post-
psychedelia has sprung up as the only rational response to an
increasingly alienating form of global capitalism, in an increasingly
violent-and-joyless politicized existence – this new media responds
with a Chaos of Sound and Light that seeks to overwhelm you but stops
before you’re lost, its Kind Hippie Heart beating out a space for you
to occupy and own. From your favorite Rhode Island filmmakers, we've
got Group Trance Rituals, Direct Dumpster-Dive Animation, History
Seen Through the Eyes of Bats, Live Soundtracks, Cut-Up Eyeballs,
Single Frame Collectives, Puppet Chaos, Analog Transcendence, and So
Much More. Featuring music by Lighting Bolt, Mystery Brinkman, Carly
Ptak (Nautical Almanac), the Shirelles vs the Suicidal Tendencies,
Joe Grimm (the Wind-Up Bird), Jodi Buonanno, and more! These nine
films represent the true cinema of deliverance, the theater of
Psychic Hearts and Radical Love.

FEATURING: Black and White Trypps Number Three by Ben Russell (11:30,
35mm, 2007), Paranoia Trilogy Part One: The Chemical Bath by Xander
Marro (6:00, 16mm, 2001), Scream Tone by Jo Dery (3:00, 16mm, 2002),
Echoes of Bats and Men by Jo Dery (7:00, 16mm, 2005), The Red and the
Blue Gods by Ben Russell (8:00, 16mm, live sound, 2005), 01/06 by Mat
Brinkman and Xander Marro (13:00, 16mm, 2006), The Great Exodus by Jo
Dery (6:30, 16mm, 2005), L’Eye by Xander Marro (2:00, 16mm, 2004),
Third Annual Roggabogga Motion Picture by Forcefield (6:30, 16mm, 2002)
TRT 63:30

3/23: Hungry Ghost – Vancouver, British Colombia (for location and
info: 604.682.3269x7466)*
3/25: Department of Safety – Anacortes, Washington
3/36: Northwest Film Forum – Seattle, Washington (www.nwfilmforum.org)
3/29: DIVA – Eugene, Oregon (www.divanow.org)*
3/31: Other Cinema – San Francisco, California (www.othercinema.com)*
4/03: 7 Dudley – Venice, California (www.81x.com/7dudley/cinema)*
4/27: PDX Film Fest – Portland, Oregon (www.peripheralproduce.com/

*all films on 16mm

*This tour is funded in part by the Rhode Island State Council on the

* * * * *

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.