Re: 45th Ann Arbor Film Festival

From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2007 - 17:31:06 PDT


Laura Kissel and Dan Streible have been the main ones helping Helen's
family deal with the films. Kara Van Malssen had been working with
Helen since last year to deal with recovery from Katrina. Kara's
still working on this, especially now with the home movies. I've been
lucky to be involved.


>Thanks for the info, Bill. I'm looking forward to seeing them even more now!
>Ken B.
>Quoting Bill Brand <email suppressed>:
>>Ken and John,
>>Beautiful new 16mm prints of 8 of Helen Hill's films are on their
>>way to Ann Arbor right now. These are the answer prints from
>>preservation internegatives been made by Colorlab. They are still
>>completing one more title. I am restoring yet another one of
>>Helen's films with the NYU-MIAP film restoration class, BB Optics
>>and Colorlab but this one won't be ready in time for Ann Arbor
>>either. Helen's family is still in the process of determining where
>>and how to archive and distribute her films but I expect they'll
>>make an announcement soon.
>>>I am almost certain they will be 16mm prints. Her films have
>>>always been exhibited as prints here in the past. And, I believe I
>>>heard we were getting prints. I will call the office tomorrow and
>>>confirm this. We always do our best to get prints.
>>>Her films are of course not in competition. But, when films/videos
>>>are submitted in competition, if the application form says they
>>>were made on film, but they have a video format listed for
>>>exhibition, we always ask if they can possibly send us a print. Of
>>>course, often that is not possible, because the film was
>>>transfered to, and edited in, video, and not conformed. This
>>>interchange means that we may not always know what format we will
>>>be showing at the time the program is finalized, and posted on our
>>>site. But, we always obtain prints, if at all possible. Our
>>>printed program has listed the exhibition formats in the past, and
>>>I presume will do so this year. I am involved with screening and
>>>programming of competition films. Others contact the makers, to
>>>see what is the best format we can obtain. So, I don't always
>>>know, until opening night or the day before, when I get a program.
>>>Ken B.
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.