CVM talk & screening Mar 18 at Optronica/BFI Visual Music Fest, London

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 12:59:02 PDT

Center for Visual Music presents an illustrated talk and screening Sunday, March 18 at 3:15 pm at the British Film Institute's National Film Theatre (Southbank, London), as part of the
Optronica Festival - 'Visual Music on the Big Screen'

From Optronica press:


From the first known colour organ experiments in the 1700s, to Oskar Fischinger's
multiple projector light shows of the mid 1920s, through to some legendary 1960s
light shows, key examples of visual music's long, rich but little known history
will be explored in this talk. Presented by Cindy Keefer from the LA based Center
for Visual Music and illustrated by slides and rare film footage, the talk contextualises
colour organs and light shows as precursors to modern VJ and audiovisual culture.
Films & videos include work by: Oskar Fischinger, Kurt Schwerdtfeger and Ludwig
Hirschfeld-Mack, Thomas Wilfred, Charles Dockum, Jordan Belson, Jud Yalkut and
a selection of American light show experiments including Joshua White and Single
Wing Turquoise Bird.

(end excerpt)

CVM further notes: Films include 16mm preservation prints of Charles Dockum's 1952
Mobilcolor Performance at the Guggenheim Museum, and
Elfriede Fischinger's 1969 Lumigraph performance film. A "recreation"
film of Oskar Fischinger's R-1 ein Formspiel from his 1920s multiple-projector
performances screens in 35mm (recreation by William Moritz/Fischinger Archive).
The program includes excerpts from a 1966 recreation by Schwerdtfeger of his and Hirschfeld-Mack's 1920s Bauhaus experiments with the Reflektorische Farbenlichtspiele; footage of Thomas Wilfred's Lumia work, documentary footage of Dockum's Mobilcolor Projector, and a rare clip of Elfriede Fischinger with Oskar's original Lumigraph. Also screening are Jordan Belson's Allures, Jud Yalkut's Turn, Turn, Turn, the Single Wing Turquoise Bird light show film, and an excerpt from the Joshua Light Show's 1969 Liquid Loops. Formats: 35mm, 16mm and DVD (see talks & presentations)

This event is also ticketed separately, tickets available through the BFI website at (Select Projected Light and Color)

Optronica is a partnership of Addictive TV, Cinefeel and The British Film Institute

Thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation for their support enabling the preservation of some of these films. Thanks also to Ingo Petzke, The Epstein Collection, Joshua White, Deutsches Filmmuseum, William Moritz, The Fischinger Archive, and the individual artists and estates.

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music
Los Angeles
CVMaccess (at)

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