Re: Rear Screen projection materials?

From: Jason Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 15:22:00 PST


You might think about contacting the manufacturer of a particular material
you like for a possible donation (even better if you can claim any kind of
association with an arts non-profit, but even that may not be necessary).

For an installation I worked on about a year and a half ago, 3M Corporation
graciously donated a large roll of window film specifically designed for
museum-quality video rear-projection (we never could have afforded to buy
the stuff on our budget). The person we talked to was quite helpful--even
advised as to the best material for our site specific purposes. All we had
to do was call and ask. I don't even think there were any strings attached,
but we did offer them thanks in our list of printed credits.

Big multinational mega-corporations (like the aforementioned 3M, who claim
to have invented video tape, I might add) can occasionally be good for
something, if you get a nice person on the phone who'll take your call.

Best of luck,

Jason Cortlund

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