CNY Film Events: WINTER LIGHT [Mar 8], ONE TAKE SUPER 8 [Mar 24]

From: Brett Kashmere (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 08:23:07 PST

For those in the Central New York area, here are a couple of upcoming screenings to warm your spirits,

all the best,

Brett Kashmere
Syracuse NY


A selection of seasonally themed experimental film, video and audio. This screening is part of the exhibition "Embracing Winter" at The Warehouse Gallery.

Thursday, 8 March 2007 / Free events

  6:00 pm / Reception with light refreshments
 @ The Warehouse Gallery, 350 W. Fayette St. (at West St.), Syracuse NY

 7:45 pm / Walk across the street with gallery staff

 8:00 pm / Film Screening, Winter Light
 @ The Redhouse, 201 S. West St. (across from The Warehouse)
Co-sponsored by Thursday Screeners

Film, video, audio by: Arnait Women's Video Workshop, Michael Bell-Smith, Stan Brakhage, Thorsten Fleisch, Jake Kennedy, Kurt Kren, Peter Lipskis, Guy Maddin, Collin Olan, Paper Rad and Wolf Eyes, John Price, Joyce Wieland
Curators: Brett Kashmere and Astria Suparak

The Warehouse Gallery initiates a film series to complement its international contemporary art exhibitions. The screening Winter Light includes experimental film, video art, and audio field recordings from Austria, Nunavut, America, Germany and Canada, to accompany the sensational exhibit, Embracing Winter.

  In a collaborative spirit, Winter Light is co-curated by filmmaker and writer Brett Kashmere and gallery director Astria Suparak, and co-presented by The Warehouse Gallery, neighboring arts center The Redhouse, and Thursday Screeners, a student group at Syracuse University.

The Warehouse Gallery continues its expansion of art exhibition beyond the physical location of their space with roving artist talks, online broadcasts, and now, film screenings. Similar to the Embracing Winter gallery show, Winter Light revels in the fleeting aesthetics of winter, presenting works that document ice melting, crystals forming, stars twinkling, birds migrating, surreal dreaming, the loss of consciousness and the warmth of a flame.


1. rec01 (Collin Olan, 2001, audio recording, 17:10 minutes, looped)
2. Grid Panic (Michael Bell-Smith, 2006, video, silent, 2 minute loop)
3. Crystals (Peter Lipskis, 1985, 16mm, 4 minutes)
4. Birds at Sunrise (Joyce Wieland, 1985, 16mm, 10 minutes)
5. Fire #3 (John Price, 2003, 16mm hand-processed, silent, 3 minutes)
6. Colonel Canuck (Jake Kennedy, 2003, video, 2.5 minutes)
7. Burn Your House Down (excerpt) (Paper Rad / Wolf Eyes, 2001/2004, video, 1 minute)
8. Qulliq (Oil Lamp) (Arnait Women's Video Workshop, 1992, video, 12 minutes)
9. 31/75 Asyl (Asylum) (Kurt Kren, 1975, 16mm, silent, 8 minutes)
 10. Black Ice (Stan Brakhage, 1994, 16mm, silent, 2.5 minutes)
11. Odilon Redon (Guy Maddin, 1995, 16mm, b&w, 5 minutes)
12. Kosmos (Thorsten Fleisch, 2004, 16mm, 5 minutes)

 TRT: 60 minutes

 - See preview clips, images, details
 - Print poster



Saturday March 24, 2007
7pm Doors, 8pm Films
727 S. Crouse Ave (in Campus Plaza), Syracuse NY

After seven successful years of playing to packed audiences in Regina, Ft. Lauderdale, Montreal and Winnipeg, the One Take Event arrives in The Salt City! Festival organizer Alex Rogalski, in collaboration with the newly formed Syracuse Experimental Film + Media Workshop, invite you to attend this unique evening.

The ONE TAKE SUPER 8 EVENT is a distinct film screening, in that none of the films will be viewed before they are screened on the evening of March 24th. The filmmakers are not allowed to edit or view their films prior to the screening. What they shoot in the camera is what is shown. No Cuts. No Splices. No Changes. One Take, One Night. This leads to some exciting and refreshing films, and a rare opportunity for public viewing.

PREMIERE FILMS BY: Stacy Barton, Kyle Corea, Brett Kashmere, Ken Keech & Vanessa Rose Keech, Jason Kohlbrenner & Briana Fischer, Jessica Lance, Chiyoung Lee, Ty Marshal, Kevin Meegan, Frank Olive, Sebastien Park, Sejal Patel, Nick Ramsdell, Ryan Silveira, A. Suparak, and Ryan Tebo.

+ BONUS FILMS from last year's One Take Event, with work by Sarah Abbott, Dennis Evans, Shawn Fulton, Kyle Ketchemonia, Terry Mialkowsky & Shannon Jardine, Beatrix Moersch, Alex Rogalski, Katherine Skelton, and Ken Wilson.

++ Following the screening, organic trip-hop / indie-rock band THING-ONE will be performing.

5$ suggested donation (+ 5$ for Thing-one)

A cooperative of filmmakers, programmers and educators working to promote and encourage the development of film and media (through experimentation) as an art form.

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