AUSTRALIA FILM FEST: ok it may not be experimental

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 03:51:13 PST

...but it is independent! and you could argue that moments of ultra-
gore break the narrative and become pure excess and visual spectacle...

Festival blurb and session details:

A Night of Horror Short Film Festival is dedicated to the promotion
of independent filmmakers working in the horror genre from both
Australia and abroad. 2007 is the festival’s inaugural year, and it
is showcasing 46 of the world’s best and bloodiest short horror
films. The films compete in three different categories - including a
special category for shorts inspired by the writings of influential
horror author H. P. Lovecraft - for several thousand dollars worth of
cash and prizes.

The 2007 event runs from Friday March 23 to Sunday March 25 at the
Chauvel Cinema Paddington, and the Paddington RSL. Session details
and ticket prices follow (booking fees extra):

(Note: a festival pass that grants access to all 5 screenings, as
well as the awards night and after party is also available for $50)

Friday March 23 Chauvel Cinema, Paddington

Shocking Grindhouse Exploitation! 8:30pm (Full $20, Concession $18)

Opening Night is not for the squeamish…

Enjoy a night of indie horror at its most shockingly outrageous: A
stomach-churning buffet, served with plenty of graphic gore and a
side order of twisted humour. If you’re a connoisseur of hardcore
horror flicks – such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cannibal
Holocaust, Wolf Creek and Hostel – your strong palette will not be
disappointed! Drinks to follow in the Chauvel bar.

Saturday March 24 Chauvel Cinema, Paddington

Zombie Apocalypse! 8:30pm (Full $15, Concession $13)

When there’s no more room in hell … the dead will walk the Chauvel!

Do you devour the films of George Romero? Maybe the late Lucio
Fulci’s offerings are more to your taste? Perhaps a good ole’ Zombie
comedy gets your guts a-giggling? Well, whether your favorite zombie
flick is Dawn of the Dead, Zombie Flesh Eaters or Shaun of the Dead
you’ll find plenty of flesh-munching goodness to satiate your hunger
for undead action with these films.

Supernatural Terror from Beyond! 10:15pm (Full $15, Concession $13)

Do you want to see something really scary…?

You’ll be shrieking in demented delight at the horde of demons,
ghosts, and dark forces from the other side that await you in
Saturday’s late show. (Don’t expect to get any sleep after this
night’s screening!)

Sunday March 25, The Auditorium, Paddington RSL

Classic Horror and Animated Spookiness, 3:00pm (Full $15, Concession

A Sunday Afternoon of Horror...

A verifiable cornucopia of horror literature adaptations and dark
fairy tales. Featuring short films inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar
Allen Poe and Stephen King, these are terrifying tales from genuine
masters of the macabre (with some animated fun to boot). A perfect
Sunday afternoon’s entertainment for the discerning horror fan.

Vampires, Slashers and Awards! 6:00pm (Full $19, Concession $17)

The fest’s final bloody screening block, followed by awards ceremony
and after party!

 From slick and sexy vampire flicks, to low budget, blood-drenched,
slap stick: we’ve dismembered the festivals play list and preserved a
heady assortment of disturbing goodies for the fest’s final
screening. Spooktacular awards ceremony and drinks to follow. No self-
respecting Aussie horror fan will miss this one!

Tickets are now available via the fest’s official site:
Or directly from MCA-TIX:
Phone bookings on: 1300 306 776

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.