Re: Science fiction / experimental film

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 06 2007 - 04:35:06 PST

somebody here may have said this, but many sci-fi movies and tv are
pretty experimental anyway, utilising optical effects and avant garde
music and non-linear or experimental narratives. For example Dr Who's
soundtrack by the BBC Radiophonics Workshop / Dehlia Derbyshire is
way ahead of its time, as was the theremin soundtrack to Forbidden
Planet. Meanwhile, the title sequence of Dr Who in the 60s / 70s (all
video feedback and so on) are certainly a form of experimental film,
as is the last 20 minutes of 2001. In terms of narrative The
Prisoner, Twin Peaks, the Kingdom (ok, maybe that's more horror) all
play with the classic form, and many sci-fi films remove the idea of
humans at the centre of the narrative.

Some other films that are interesting for one or all of the above
reasons: Dark Star, Melies' films, The Call of Cthulu, Manual
Delanda's Judgement Day,
plus, although not strictly sci-fi it was about an imagined future,
and did really play with the form of fiction / non fiction / drama
documentary The War Game.


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