Re: 'Walk Away Renee" Experimental Film from Years Ago?

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 18:02:34 PST

Hi Jim -

It's definitely Hall of Mirrors by Sonbert. The
film's in three parts, first part being the found
footage bit, which has "What Becomes of the Broken
Hearted" playing over it. I don't know what film the
found footage is from, but it's outtakes and trims
from a sequence with a woman getting freaked out by a
carnival hall of mirrors, eventually being led away
sobbing by some guy.

The second part is the "mopey kid" bit, with the Left
Banke song, and the third part is Gerard Malanga
walking through that famous Hall of Mirrors
installation by I forget which artist. This last bit
is set to the main theme from Godard's Contempt by
Georges Delerue.

Mark T

--- Jim Carlile <email suppressed> wrote:

> Pardon if this is such a classic that it's foolishly
> redundant, but does
> anyone remember the name of the old short film made
> to the Left Banke's "Walk
> Away Renee" single?
> It started off as a kid moping around in his
> bedroom-- crude 16mm-- then
> shifts to the song played over some absolutely
> amazing fill footage of a man and
> his son trying to coax his terrified wife through a
> revolving door. The
> footage was obviously repeated takes from some black
> and white feature, with
> clapboard, and the woman was Joan Crawford, perhaps?
> A great, great film, affecting in a weird way. For
> some reason Harry Smith
> rings a bell, but I'm not sure who made it.
> Anyone know the film?
> Jim Carlile
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