Re: Science fiction / experimental film

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 11:49:33 PST


Hello from Chicago.
I've made some films/videos and put together two programs around this
(both a bit heavy on lo-fi robots and the like)
so here's what I've found, complete with reductive catch-phrase

Terminal Self by John Whitney Jr. (16mm computer-based electric eyes,
ends with a naked robo-girl)
Total Power Dead Dead Dead by Stephanie Barber (features a direct
address arcade game)
The Sad Robot by Forcefield (a flimsy cardboard robot is destroyed by
flimsy video heavens)
No Sunshine by Bjorn Melhus (nano-twins in space sing to Michael
Jackson and Stevie Wonder)
Mercury Moon by Kim Collmer (puppet animation of makeshift future
Warm Jets by Kim Collmer (ditto)
Ashley by Animal Charm (infomercial future technologies, monsters in
the stomach)
Skin Job by Jennifer Reeder (better living through robotics)
Allures by Jordan Belson (space trips that foreshadow 2001)
Out of Space by Sabine Gruffat (the loneliness of the space traveller)
The Ataraxians by Sabine Gruffat and Ben Russell (bad make-up,
telepathy and more)
Extra Terrestrial by Rhyne Piggott and Ben Russell (a re-enactment of
The Tawny by Ben Russell (robo-conversations end in violence and
failed memory)
Terra Incognita by Ben Russell (a cheap computer narrates the
exploration of Easter Island from the future)

-Ben Russell

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> Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 12:55:42 -0500
> From: Ed Halter <email suppressed>
> Subject: Science fiction / experimental film
> Hey there
> I=B9m teaching a class on science fiction and I=B9m looking for
> experimental
> films and videos with science fiction themes or content =8B here
> are some I=B9v=
> e
> come up with. Can anyone think of others? (preferably ones that are
> rentable).=20
> Best
> Ed H.
> =20
> La Jetee (Chris Marker)
> Specters of the Spectrum (or Tribulation 99) (Craig Baldwin)
> Sins of the Fleshapoids (Kuchars)
> Interkosmos (Jim Finn)
> Junk (Roddy Bogawa)
> Leaving the 20th Century & Perfect Leader (Max Almy)
> Apeshit (Leah Gilliam)
> Invisible Adversaries (Valie Export)
> Born in Flames (Lizzie Borden)
> Re-Entry (Jordan Belson)

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