Re: Interlaced DVDs (was: aspect ratio in Optura Xi?)

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 23:54:55 PST

WITH APOLOGIES to those who don't want the digital tech talk but I think
this might hasten the end of the thread and hopefully provide a solution.

Actually any scaling of an image WILL drastically change the look of its
interlacing, as different visual material is being fed into the respective
fields.The scanning process doesn't scale, only the image.


Why are you "letterboxing" to preserve a 3:2 sequence? There's nothing to
preserve! I think you're getting confused by the rectangular/square display
aspect ratio conflict. Output your 3:2 sequence normally. 3:2 is a normal DV
source aspect for NTSC DVD and will come through unscathed. It's SUPPOSED to
display at 4:3, and if you have been evaluating it on a monitor that's what
you've been seeing all along. 3:2 NTSC DV on a computer = 4:3 NTSC on a DVD.
Even a DV camera outputs the 720x480 matrix at 640x480 through its analog
outputs. That's how the format is designed.

Or are you trying to preserve the distorted effect of the rectangular pixels
as they display on a computer screen without display compensation?

(either way don't forget you will lose/alter any controlled interlacing
"effect" if you display via an LCD monitor or most modern video projectors)


Brook Hinton
film/video/audio art

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