Re: HD camera - handheld

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 11:26:55 PST

AHAHA and it looks like my post was rejected for that very reason so here it
is again, trimmed.

Might be worth waiting to see how the upcoming Canon HV20 (a 24P single CMOS
chip handheld consumer HDV, reputedly with better low light performance than
its predecessors) pans out. Right now the Sony models have the edge in low
light performance. They also suffer from hobbled interfaces in terms of
manual control. And of course, from HDV's temporal compression (Canon is
widely regarded to have the edge in their implementation of the format in
this regard).

When working with video I still prefer DV to HDV because of the temporal
compression (though my work is particularly ill-suited to that techology,
while others may not suffer such problems). To me it's like choosing between
a solid Super 8 camera and a 16mm camera with an untraceable light leak that
only shows up intermittenty. I'll take the Super 8 and the DV. But I'm going
to look closely at the HV20. Otherwise, I'm holding out from a handheld 24P
affordable everyday DVCProHD or other frame-based solution for an everyday

Focus is an enormous problem in HD regardless of system, so focus ring and
some sort of focus assist/peaking function are critical with the consumer

Brook Hinton
film/video/audio art

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