Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 18 Feb 2007 - Special issue (#2007-114)

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 10:24:46 PST

Would love to get a copy of this. :)

Are you saying that you can get rid of the orange base
of negative film by changing the steps?

When I've tried to make slides with c41 the results
were horrible and a bit useless but maybe I've been
doing it wrong!

Perhaps I've not experimented enough!



--- Ken Paul Rosenthal <email suppressed>
> Processing Vision negative stocks in E6 chemistry
> will yield you a
> psychedelic mess of gleefully tortured pastels, but
> will exhaust the
> chemistry very quickly. 300 feet or so is all you'll
> manage. Of course
> 'exhaust' is relative. I find the older the
> chemistry, the more magical the
> mix. Also note that processing Vision stocks in
> chemistry for which it was
> not intended will render those solutions 'unusable'
> with the stocks for
> which it was formulated.
> More details can be found in my article, 'Antidote
> for a Virtual World;
> Hand-processing Reversal Motion Picture Film',
> recently updated/amended for
> the imminent reprint of Helen Hills 'zine. In the
> meantime, I'd be happy to
> forward it to anyone that is interested.
> Ken

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